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Review: Escape From Amsterdam- Barrie Sherwood

This isn’t the type of book I go for at all. The cover, the blurb and everything about it is just not something I would usually pick, and to be honest I only… Continue reading

Alice in Wonderland: It’s all about the identity.

Woke up in a critical/ intellectual mood. Do not miss writing essays at uni at all [um, does anyone?] but I feel like getting my teeth into something. So here it is, a… Continue reading

Top Ten: American Authors

Only just started getting into American literature at uni and I love it, so much in fact that my dissertation was based on American lit of the 20th century. I know there are… Continue reading

The Bell Jar

  Quiet as a burglar in my cornflower-sprigged bathrobe, I crept to the edge of the parapet. The parapet reached almost to my shoulders, so I dragged a folding chair from the stack… Continue reading

Review: The Behaviour of Moths- Poppy Adams

So many people have criticised Poppy Adams’ debut novel The Behaviour of Moths. Vague and confusing were some descriptions amongst many, but I thought it was a compelling and tantalising gothic mystery that deserves… Continue reading

Review: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo- Stieg Larsson

The Millenium Triology was what Swedish author Steig Larsson presented to his publisher in late 2004. Alhough Larrson did not live long enough to see the phenomenom his work has become, he has left behind a… Continue reading

Review: The Bell Jar- Sylvia Plath

The first question I asked myself as I finished reading this novel was how did it take me 20 years to finally sit down and read this? Taking place in the glamour of… Continue reading