Blogger Awards

            I have recently been nominated for The Liebster Award and combined Sunshine Award/ Versatile Blogger Award. I was very kindly nominated by mylittlebookblog, so thank you very much… Continue reading

Review: Girl Reading- Katie Ward

Girl Reading by Katie Ward is one of those novels that you either like or you don’t. After reading a lot of mixed reviews I was intrigued and bought it immediately, and while… Continue reading

Review: A beautiful rework of a Russian fairy tale

“In my old age, I see that life itself is often more fantastic and terrible than the stories we believed as children, and that perhaps there is no harm in finding magic among… Continue reading

Neil Gaiman

Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten -Neil Gaiman

Review: The Kitchen God’s Wife- Amy Tan

The Kitchen God’s Wife is a beautiful tale of hope, tragedy and despair, set against the turbulent backdrop of Shanghai in the 1920s. A plot that is woven with secrets from beginning to… Continue reading

Review: Escape From Amsterdam- Barrie Sherwood

This isn’t the type of book I go for at all. The cover, the blurb and everything about it is just not something I would usually pick, and to be honest I only… Continue reading

Review: The House on Mango Street- Sandra Cisneros

Told in a wonderful series of simple but very moving vignettes, The House on Mango Street is about a young Chicana girl named Esperanza Cordero, who lives in the Hispanic section of Chicago.… Continue reading

Pancake Day and for the love of food in literature

Happy Pancake Day everyone! What toppings will you be having today? Torn between having the usual nutella and ice cream or going healthier and having banana or something. To be good or not… Continue reading

In the tub..

Apparently it was ‘National Read in the Bathtub Day’ for Britain on Saturday which I missed, but fully made up for today. Just how amazing is my bath caddy?! I received this lovely… Continue reading

Alice in Wonderland: It’s all about the identity.

Woke up in a critical/ intellectual mood. Do not miss writing essays at uni at all [um, does anyone?] but I feel like getting my teeth into something. So here it is, a… Continue reading