Review: Snow Hill- Mark Sanderson

Snow hill


After seeing one star ratings and  a few scathing comments on Goodreads, I was not expecting much from this book. But I bought it anyway, because I was drawn to the fact that its protagonist is a journalist for a daily newspaper, searching for stories in the murky depths of 1930s London where murder and corruption is rife.


John Steadman, an ambitious  junior reporter for the Daily News receives an anonymous tip-off about the disappearance of a policeman based at Snow Hill. Desperate to land a scoop he follows the lead- but soon finds himself ensnared in a world of sex, murder, blackmail and police force corruption. Apparently based on true events, the novel cuts straight to the heart of London’s sleazy underworld,  and was a disturbing, sometimes even vicious read that made for a very entertaining crime debut.


The ending was not great, it did end too simply and quickly after a big build up. It was over in a few pages which was a bit disappointing and lacked the explosive finish the plot had set it up for. There were clichés littered throughout the novel and some parts seemed a bit corny. But where this would usually be annoying, the clichés and corniness actually made me like it all the more and for me was all part of its appeal- it was an easy, enjoyable read that kept me hooked and Sanderson’s grimy, vivid detail of 1930s London was perfect, and well worth the read for this alone.




Rating: 3/5

Do I recommend you to read it? For a good old crime novel with its powerful settings, yes.

Genre: crime/mystery