Print v.s. Kindle

There’s very few things as satisfying as a book. No seriously. I’m not just talking about a cosy night in with a bar of chocolate, a bottle  glass of red and your favourite book. It’s the feel of it. You can flick through the pages and can feel in your hands just how much love and effort has gone into creating it. And you aren’t a true bookworm unless you stand sniffing a book in a shop like some sort of crazy person. Because books have that unique smell. Whether the pages are newly printed or 50 years old, it’s that book scent. Whoever is reading this I hope you get it otherwise I will sound completely insane. [Back me up here!] Not to mention, row upon row of bookshelves can really add character and warmth to a room. You can also put the classics at the front so you appear intelligent to your visitors. And for me a bookshop is one of the most interesting and wonderful places to be in. You are surrounded by book. They are real, solid and safe and you have the opportunity to choose to enter a million different worlds. And there are no Kindles or any other stories in digital format. Just solid books.

Picture taken from [Yes that's real, go check it out!]

Picture taken from [Yes that’s real, go check it out!]

So this is why I am glad independent bookstores in America are saying no to Amazon. They offered bookstores [which would first begin in the US and then in Britain], an initiative to sell it’s Kindle e-reader on their shelves, receiving a small cut of the sales afterwards. But of course a lot of independent book store owners hit back in anger and said no way, which is of course what they are going to do. Stocking e-readers would completely destroy what is left of the traditional, reading-in-print culture that so many of us love an are striving to maintain.

According to Amazon on the BBC news website,  bookshops ‘should be striving to offer readers what they want.’ Back me up here- is an e-reader what you want? I much prefer print and I will not be converting to Kindle. It does not particularly bother me if people do prefer an e-reader, it’s a matter of opinion and I’m sure it has its good points. But a book store is not the right place to stock it. What do you think? Print or Kindle? Is bookstores selling Kindles a good idea? I want to hear your views!