Mad About the Boy- or mad about killing off Mark Darcy?

Film Title: Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

Mr Darcy is one of the most famous and well-known characters in the canon of English literature. Stepping from the pages of Jane Austen’s beloved Pride and Prejudice, we love him for his oh-so- English manners, his sincerity of expression and his character change from snob to perfect gentleman, so that he actually deserves heroine Elizabeth Bennet by the end of the novel. Author of Bridget Jones’ Diary took Pride and Prejudice and reinvented it into a modern day romance that shows all the hallmarks of the Austen classic. Bridget is a 30-something year old woman living in London, she drinks a lot of of vodka and always finds herself in the most embarrassing social situations. She may not be much like Elizabeth Bennet, but the novel does include a Mr ‘Mark’ Darcy who is played by Colin Firth in the film (if you haven’t seen it.)

So imagine the horror of bookworms and Darcy-lovers to hear that Helen Fielding has decided to kill him off in her third Bridget Jones novel, which is due to be published next Thursday 10th October. The Sunday Times magazine recently published extracts of the new novel that revealed that Mark Darcy actually died five years later, and the plot now centers on 51 year old single mum Bridget to two children. While trying to get over Darcy’s death, she is also dating a toyboy called Roxster.

Twitter was overrun with fans expressing their disappointment and a lot of readers have said they’ve been put off reading the new book entirely.

While I might feel like a small part of me has died to hear that Mr Darcy is dead, I would still like to read the novel and see what Fielding has done with this dramatic new plot. What are your views on it? Should we embrace the changes Helen Fielding has made or is killing the beloved Darcy more than a slight error?