Necklaces for the book lover

Well, it has finally happened. I am now officially an English literature graduate after three years!

Doesn’t seem right that it’s all over but such an amazing day. Also graduated in one of the most beautiful landmarks in England, York minster, (if you haven’t saw it then google it because it’s all gothic and wow). But now it’s over I’ve realised that christmas has crept up again this year and is only 6 weeks away! And what better present to get a female book lover than book- and- writing- inspired necklaces? Coryographies’ ‘Shabby Chic bookshelf’ is a must-have for anyone with a love of books. It’s a girly and pretty design that is very delicately handmade, and can be purchased here . You can even see the top of the pages in the books if you look closely.

For a more vintage look, try Rock ‘N’ Rose for their beautiful solid brass ‘Letters from Berlin’ typewriter necklace. So intricate and even has teeny little words on the paper, all at a very reasonable price.  Would look great with a blouse tucked into a high waisted skirt and a good pair of heels.

Whichever necklace you choose for her at christmas she won’t be disappointed.  And if it’s a treat just for yourself, enjoy showing off your love of the written word!