Review: Was anyone else disappointed with Fifty Shades of Grey?

One month on from my last post and I haven’t had the time to write at all. Most of it has been spent getting my room the way I want it after moving back home and sorting out a part time job now I’m back. With both of those things accomplished I’ve had a lot of time for reading, although obviously I’ve noticed that every female on the planet is reading the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy by English author E.L. James.

Even when I went abroad on holiday there was at least four women by the pool reading it, so naturally I was excited by a book which has taken the literary world by storm and has sold out even faster than the Harry Potter books. Now I absolutely love Harry Potter so I had high expectations of this book! I know what I was letting myself in for and I was completely aware that the book is very erotic; a lot of people have actually criticised it for ‘setting women back 100 years’, as protagonist Anastasia Steele becomes the sexual submisive of the sexually dominant Christian Grey, open to his violent and aggressive sexuality. And yes that is true, really; women have fought and even gave up their lives for the advancement of women’s rights/ freedom and this book comes along and basically announces that it’s ok to treat women in this cruel way. I don’t just mean the violence or the wacky sex- I also mean the way Christian condescends Ana, the way he tries to control her, stalk her, scare, threaten and humiliate her. That in itself is shocking, especially since the author is a woman; imagine the backlash if a man wrote this? It may also be an adult book but for impressionable, young girls and boys it doesn’t exactly send out the best message. The message I got was that some women may enjoy or even desire being controlled and abused, if only they would give it a try.

But even that wasn’t what bothered me. I was just bored, and I know that sounds hard to believe when there’s all this hype about how great it is, but I was just sat there reading it wondering why there was any hype at all. For a start the plot goes back to the same old cliche’; young virgin girl taken in by the dark, mysterious stranger and oh, if only she could change him and get him to feel love, since he feels nothing and has no emotions! This type of thing has been written since the land before time and with a bit of violence and sex thrown into it, we’re meant to love it? The writing itself was just awful and I couldn’t help but pick up on so many annoying little things. Ana is such a pathetic character who only seems to exist as Christian’s plaything. Her constant reiteration of the ‘surge of electricity’ between them just sounded very cliche and the fact that Christian always (without fail) ‘tipped her over the edge’ and made her body ‘shatter’ time and time again was almost laughable. On various occasions Ana is described as feeling a ‘hot liquid desire in her belly’ before sex. I mean, seriously? Does that even exist? She also cannot seem to speak in anything else but a ‘murmur’, or talk about anything else but ‘crap’, since nearly every line is ‘holy crap’, ‘double crap’ and followed with ‘I murmured.’ So, reading Fifty Shades of Grey was very disappointing for me personally but if you think otherwise, then please comment- I love a good debate !

Rating: 1/5

Do I recommend you to read it? Defnitely not, unless you’re into women being beaten and scared.

Genre: erotic fiction